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Getting started on your College Application Process!

October brings so many great opportunities to launch your college application process! The financial responsibility for yourself and your parents can become overwhelming, but this blog will shed light on ways to lighten that load! NC Countdown to College, FAFSA, and the CSS Profile are great resources that can assist you during this process.

North Carolina, specifically, has a unique opportunity that has previously been known as CFNC’s College Application Week. College Application Week has been extended to two weeks and is now known as NC Countdown to College. The best method to take advantage of NC Countdown to College is to complete the applications in advance (NOW) and simply hit submit during the free weeks.

Once you’re in, the next task is paying for college! FAFSA is now open for the 2021-2022 school year! The sooner you complete your FAFSA the better! Please remember, you are not required to wait on new taxes; use last year’s. In other words, your parents are able to use 2019’s tax information for FAFSA. The CSS profile is another amazing resource, very similar to FAFSA, that can help with associated costs for college. Check out the following links to learn more!

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