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How to Choose Your College

Academics and Degree Programs

Academics should be one of the most important factors you consider when choosing a college. Your career opportunities and experience will be closely tied to the education you gain while attending college.

However, we always tell students that they shouldn’t base their college decision solely on how a school ranks on the U.S. News & World Report. There are several factors that may make a college a great fit for you such as small class sizes, honors programs, research opportunities, course offerings, scholarships, and more.

Campus Culture

There are many things that you can get out of college besides your degree. For some students, the campus culture is just as important as the degree programs.

You’ll want to think of your college as the place you will call home. You’ll want opportunities to make friends, get involved, and make memories that will last a lifetime. A thriving campus culture will make it easy to obtain all of these things.

Family tradition

For many students, it is important to carry on the legacy and attend the same college as a parent, relative, or older sibling. While we encourage students to not let this be the only reason they choose a school, it can definitely be a plus.

Attending a school with a strong alumni network can help you build a stronger bond with a family member, as well as help you build meaningful connections with new people. Networking can help lead to future internship and job opportunities.

Location, Location, Location

Sometimes, where a college is located can have a fundamental impact on the quality life there. Aspects like weather, city size, public transportation, and distance from home can all be factors that help define your college experience.

The Perfect Fit

The ultimate goal when applying to college is to find your perfect fit. You may already have a goal in mind. Maybe you’ve dreamed about attending since you were a young child, or you went on a campus visit and fell in love.

The road to college is not an easy journey. It takes years of preparing and planning. But after all your hard work, there are few better feelings than receiving an acceptance letter from your dream college.

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