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Developing the Next Generation of Black Leaders

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About the Ambassador Program

YBLA’s Ambassador program is a premier leadership development program for Black students. Ambassadors are the face of the organization, personifying our commitment to leadership, service, and education. YBLA Ambassadors are the next generation of Black leaders who are positively impacting the world.

Ambassadors connect with other like-minded successful Black students from around the nation. They receive extensive leadership training, perform local and international community service, meet with corporate executives and leaders, and travel on transformational experiences around the world.

Ambassadors at the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

What Sets the YBLA Ambassador Program Apart from Similar Programs?


The World is our Classroom

In the Ambassador Program, the world is our classroom. We use local, national, and international travel as an opportunity to explore the world, increase cultural intelligence, and inform our perspective. Ambassadors have traveled to South Africa, Haiti, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Australia with YBLA.

Leadership Development

Ambassadors receive extensive leadership development training that boosts their confidence and skills. Training includes Toastmasters Certification, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Truist Emerging Leaders Certification, and much more.

YBM Leadership Alliance Evening of Excellence Gala _ Ballantyne Resort 11-10-17 by Jon Str

Focus on High-Achieving Black Students

Many programs for Black students focus on underperforming students. YBLA’s Ambassador provides a platform for high-achieving Black students to develop relationships with like-minded Black students who are local, from around the country, and abroad.

Community Service & Real-time Coaching

Ambassadors work on real-world community service projects and receive real-time coaching from our leadership coaching staff. Ambassadors are trained to impact their community and to give back as they succeed.

MLK 2018 Sandwich Line.jpg

College & Career Readiness

Ambassadors and their parents participate in YBLA’s college and career readiness program. They attend college workshops, attend college ACT & SAT Test prep, and receive unlimited individualized college advising.

Sustained Training and Support

YBLA works with Ambassadors from high school, through college, and into their early professional careers.

Black male or female.jpg

International Network of Leaders

YBLA Ambassadors are part of a growing global network of Black leaders.

Program Requirements


Be a young black male or female in 11th grade


Students must have a minimum, cumulative, weighted GPA of 3.0


Be available to meet on a weekly basis plus some weekends


Willing to make an impact in your community


College bound 

Ambassador Impact Results


High School Graduation


College Attendance


Military Enlistment


College Graduation Rate

vs 46% national college graduation rate for Blacks


Meals provided around the world


shoes provided to children in Haiti, Cuba, DR, & US


Businesses Established by Ambassadors

Ambassador Benefits

Access to Internships and scholarships

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Training

Professionalism and Etiquette Training

College Readiness Training

Access to business and community leaders

E's of Networking Training

Career Exploration Events

Toastmasters Certification

BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification


How to Apply

Applications for the Ambassador program

Open in August each year 

To learn more or apply for the Global Ambassador Program,
join one of our upcoming interest meetings.

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