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The YLeader program is a competitive leadership development program where our students will influence and impact their communities.

The new YLeader program is a competitive leadership program that includes individual and team challenges, points, and awards. The purpose is to provide leadership training to our young black leaders in a fun and interactive way. This model will allow students to become empowered and equipped to directly impact their peers and community.

Students must:

  • Be a young black male or female in grades 9th-12th

  • Have a minimum weighted GPA of 3.0

  • Be available to meet 3 times a month (2 weekdays and 1 Saturday)


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Are you ready to be a YLeader?


Do you want to……

  • Be the best version of you by developing stronger leadership skills

  • Impact, influence, and serve others

  • Explore new career possibilities

  • Set yourself up for success in college

  • Join a movement of like-minded young black leaders



YBLA is building a pipeline of young black leaders who will help change misconceptions and stereotypes to help cultivate local and global change. YBLA seeks dedicated, committed, and motivated individuals to join this movement.

If you are ready to change the world... then this is the program for you!! Please apply today….

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