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What Should I Be Doing?

The most common question I receive from Jr. Ambassadors and Parents at this point is “What should I be doing?”

Here are a few major focal areas that should be your focus between now and December:

1. Stay on track with your classes and grades.

2. Schedule a meeting with your counselor to see your remaining requirements to graduate. Know your class rank and GPA.

3. Take the PSAT.

-Taking this test qualifies you for the National Merit Scholarship program, which essentially means you could earn money for college. Use your scores to improve on the SAT.

4. Develop a college list.

-Create a list of colleges you are interested in. Include school that will fit your needs (size, cost, location, programs and majors).

5. Continue gathering college information.

-Attend (virtual) college fairs, college information nights, speak with college reps

6. Organize a testing plan

-Figure out which standardized test you will be taking (ex.SAT,ACT,AP exams). Mark all test dates on your calendar and ensure you have adequate study time.

7. Make sure you're meeting any special requirements

-If you want to play sports in college (D1,D2) schedule a meeting with your counselor to make sure you’re meeting NCAA requirements.

If you have questions about anything on this list or need additional guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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