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How to Improve Your Extracurriculars Junior and Senior Year

While it’s true that your academic performance, including test scores, is the most heavily weighted aspect of your college application, extracurriculars come in a close second. This means that they can and do sometimes make the difference between that acceptance package or that dreaded rejection letter.

For students rounding the bend towards 11th or even 12th grade, you might worry that your extracurricular profile is already established and that you cannot make it better, but that luckily isn’t the case. There are plenty of things you can actively do during 11th and 12th grade to improve your extracurricular profile.

What Extracurriculars Do I Need on My Application?

Most competitive college applicants will have 8-10 ECs on their applications. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a student is doing eight to ten ECs all at once—they usually do each activity in a different season, though some might be year-round. Make a list of all activities you have been involved in since 9th grade. Once you do this, find new interests or ways to engage that match up with things you have been most passionate about. If you are struggling or need additional support with this, don't hesitate to visit office hours with Coach Blue!

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