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FAFSA Night Recap

Thanks for joining us yesterday evening for the workshop on financial aid!

Here are some key takeaways and next steps to follow!

  1. FAFSA, CSS profile, and NC Residency apps are all open and ready to be completed! Senior Ambassadors are required to complete all by October 31 @ 9 pm. Confirmation must be submitted to your Counselmore portal.

  2. Create an FSA ID for the student and parent. If your parent already has one, a new FSA ID is not needed! (Please write down all logins you create as they will follow you all four years of college. You can also take advantage of the encrypted keychain available in Counselmore.) Click HERE to create your FSA ID.

  3. Prior-Prior year requires you to use 2019's tax record. To make things easier, take advantage of the IRS' data retrieval tool which automatically pulls your record. (If your address has changed since 2019 use your old address for the data retrieval tool and your new one on the actual FAFSA.

  4. It IS worth it to apply, even if you do not believe you will be eligible for much. It serves as a gateway for federal student and parent loans, and some schools require FAFSA for merit aid (scholarships).

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