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Young_Black_Leadership_Aliance Peace Day
YBLA Charlotte Peace Dinner

On September 21, 2018 YBLA joined thousands of people around the world to celebrate International Peace Day. Given the local and national unrest and the two-year anniversary of the Keith Lemont Scott shooting, the YBLA team thought it was a perfect time to host a dinner to promote a spirit of peace, develop relationships and build bonds of trust among diverse groups within the Charlotte community.

The Charlotte Peace dinner brought together over 100 young leaders from YBLA, CMPD law enforcement officers, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system leadership and many community/business leaders to break bread and share a meal.

Young_Black_Leadership_Aliance Peace Day
Young_Black_Leadership_Aliance Peace Day
YBLA Peace Dinner

"Unity is learning that we have more things in common than what separates us.” -- Peace Dinner Participant

“Free your mind of fear of interacting with people that don't look like you" -- Peace Dinner participant

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