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Ambassador Application Update

If your name is on the list below, you have been selected to advance to the final round of in-person interviews. Please click the button below to register for your interview slot.


Young Black Men

Barron, L

Boothe, K

Byrd, C

Byrd, J

Canty III, H

Colvin, A

Cooper, J

Dailey, D

Davis, M

Ekpenyong, H

Fennell, G

Forrest, R

Frederick, A

Gregory, C

Hendrix, N

Hill, G

Howard, C

Hunter, N

Jackson, M

Jama, M

Johnson, C

Jordan-Fancher, J

Kennedy, C

Kibe, M

King, K

Kwaku, N

Lampkin, S

Martin, J

McCormick, E

Mohamed, A

Oates, M

Parker, A

Parker, C

Perry, K

Pope, D

Pulliam, E

Sands, J

Sio, E

Smith, T

Sneed, Z

Standard, D

Taylor, C

Thomas, B

Wells, J

Young, J


Young Black Women

Artis, A

Barksdale, B

Bloodworth, L

Blue, K

Boyd, J

Brown, Ch

Brown, L

Byers, M

Caldwell, R

Callender, C

Carr, A

Compton, K

Davis, R

Devine, F

Ferguson, T

Frye, M

Gillispie, J

Glover, A

Hayes, L

Henderson, Z

Hollingsworth, T

Howard, S

Jackson, Z

Jackson-Burnett, J

James, Tr

James, Ta

Jefferson, S

Jones, I

Jones, M

Joyce, E

Kelley, N

Kennedy, S

Lindsey, M

Moorehead, G

Myrick, J

Owens, S

Paulding, M

Reaves, J

Rowell, L

Searls, T

Sessions, H

Short, M

Smith, C

Smith, C

Staten, L

Taylor, R

Thomas-Norwood, M

Tolbert, R

Walker, R

Waller, L

Wetherington, J

Williamson, K

Wright, G

Young, A

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