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Bank of America 
Executive Shadow Day

On October 30, 2017, Bank of America partnered with Young Black Leadership Alliance (YBLA) to host an Executive Shadow Day. The Executive Career Shadow Day event was hosted at Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte North Carolina. 


YBLA’s Executive Shadow Day is a unique career development program designed to provide students valuable experience exploring possible careers, industries and life options to which they can aspire. During the Bank of America Executive Shadow Day, students benefited from the opportunity to meet with and shadow corporate executives and business leaders. Bank of America’s executives also shared the Bank of America vision, goals, and values set by corporate leadership with the YBLA students. The Executive Shadow Day provided Bank of America’s Talent Acquisition Team and staffing personnel the opportunity to promote the Bank of America brand and gain early access to a pipeline of diverse, high-potential talent.

Ebony speaks to Jameel
BOA Group in Lobby

"Monday’s session with the students was wonderful. Although my team hosts students often, we truly don’t get a chance to interact with high school students of the YBLA caliber. You and your team are doing transformative work!

We look forward to partnering with you in the future."

Ebony Thomas, Talent Acquisition Executive

Bank of America 

"Today, I learned the value of developing and maintaining my personal brand for college and in the work force by shadowing Ms. Jones-Gibbs. I loved how she spent time getting to know me and talking to me about planning for my future."


YBLA Ambassador Ava Burgess

My BOA Shadow Day Experience 

Being blessed with the opportunity to job shadow today was very enriching! Within the past month, I have been conflicted between medicine and business as my college focus, and this experience was the catalyst that pushed my desire to pursue a career in international business, focusing on financial management. Listening in on an international business call in treasury sales to learning the work behind global cybersecurity, was overwhelmingly satisfying. Overall, I learned that there are many facets that all contribute to the general success of Bank of America, so there are innumerable job opportunities for people of different backgrounds.


In addition to that, I learned that my brother is five positions away from the CEO title, which is pretty good for an entry-level job.

YBLA Ambassador Verdant Julius


This experience was extremely hands-on, which I appreciated most.  I walked out of the event knowing I developed professional relationships while simultaneously creating unforgettable memories. 

YBLA Ambassador Janylah Smith 

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