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Membership Signup Page

Important Directions for the Signup Form Below!

1. On the first page, select a location, team name and time

Team Names indicate days of the week. 

  • For Tuesdays select Inspiration or Liberty

  • For Wednesdays select Motivation or Peace

  • For Thursdays select Freedom or Justice

The team names indicate days and weeks that they meet. For example, Inspiration, Motivation and Freedom meet the first and third weeks of the month. 

2. On Page 2 - Everyone MUST create a new account


(Do Not Select ---> Already a member? Click here to log in)

3. To setup payment in full call us at 704-251-5770.

4. When registering multiple children follow these instructions:

  • Complete sign-up process for first child

  • Return to "Sign-up" page

  • Select the Membership option for the 2nd child

  • When it asks, "Who's Signing Up?", select "Add a New Family Member"

  • Complete the 2nd child's information form

  • Click "Save Changes"

  • Continue with the registration process

Questions or Stuck?

email or

call 704-251-5770

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