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YBLA Ambassadors

About our Ambassador Program

The YBLA Ambassador Program is specifically designed for high-achieving, college-bound Black students who are committed to being servant leaders and making a positive impact through service. As Ambassadors, they represent the core values of our organization, embodying our commitment to leadership, service, and education. YBLA Ambassadors are emerging Black leaders who are making a positive impact in the world.

Through the program, Ambassadors have the opportunity to connect with other accomplished and like-minded Black students. They receive comprehensive leadership training, engage in local and international community service projects, interact with corporate executives and leaders, and embark on transformative travel experiences worldwide.


By participating in the YBLA Ambassador Program, students become part of a global network of young Black leaders that fosters their growth, empowers them to make a positive impact, and enables them to create a better world.

Eligibility Requirements

Black male or female

High school - 11th grade

Charlotte surrounding areas

Minimum cumulative, weighted GPA of 3.0

College bound

Heart to serve the community

Available to participate in YBLA scheduled events

Willing to lead, fundraise, and recruit others to YBLA

YBLA's Three Pillars


Every Ambassador is paired with a dedicated Leadership Coach who guides them through their leadership development journey. This personalized support ensures that Ambassadors receive the guidance and mentorship needed to thrive.


The Ambassador program features a comprehensive leadership curriculum designed to enhance participants' skills and capabilities.

Our Curriculum includes:

  • Toastmasters Emerging Leaders Certification

  • YBLA Servent Leadership Curriculum (SEEDS)

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teen


Every Ambassador in the program will actively participate in and lead local community projects, including initiatives such as toy drives, MLK Day of Service events, and a Senior Impact project. Additionally, each Ambassador will engage in a mandatory international service abroad trip, which further broadens their perspectives.

See the impact of our service in Belize here.


YBLA's Roadmap to College program equips Ambassadors with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities necessary to navigate the college application process and maximize their scholarship potential.


This year's Senior Ambassadors collectively earned over $14 million in college scholarships, showcasing the program's success in obtaining debt-free degrees.

Our Curriculum includes:

  • Monthly college prep workshops

  • Optional ACT & SAT test prep by MasteryPrep

  • Access to YBLA's College Advisor

  • Parent Workshops

Program Benefits 

Join a Network of Like-Minded Young Black Leaders

Become part of a vibrant community of ambitious young Black leaders, connecting with peers who share your passion for leadership and service.

Engage in Local Community Service

Participate in rewarding and engaging local community service projects, fostering a spirit of service and social responsibility.

Confidence in
Public Speaking

Obtain Toastmasters' certification and gain confidence in public speaking, a valuable skill for future leadership roles and personal growth.

Opportunity to Earn College Scholarships

Unlock opportunities to earn college scholarships, leveraging your leadership experiences and achievements to fund your higher education journey.

Build a Competitive Resume for College Admissions

Enhance your college application with valuable leadership experiences, service activities, and international service abroad trip participation.

Personalized College Advisor Support

Access personalized college advising to navigate the college application process and discover ways to earn debt-free degrees.

International Travel for Service in Belize

Embark on a life-changing international service trip to Belize, making a meaningful impact in global communities while broadening your horizons.

Leadership Skills

Develop crucial leadership skills through comprehensive leadership training, empowering you to lead with confidence and impact.

Guidance from a Dedicated Leadership Coach

Receive guidance and mentorship from a dedicated leadership coach, supporting your growth and development throughout the program.

Become a YBLA Ambassador

Recruitment season begins in the fall of every year.

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